How to Update or Correct Email in Aadhar Card Online

Today, Aadhaar has proved to be the single most important document in the country. It is a universally accepted ID and Residential Proof across the nation. In addition to this, it is easy to verify the Aadhaar Details and it is also possible to update the details of Aadhaar Card with few simple steps. Another advantage of Aadhaar Card is that the details also have biometric data which makes it impossible to clone the Aadhaar Card and eventually, this prevents people from misusing the Aadhaar Card.

It is also important to update the Aadhaar Card regularly because the government is soon planning to integrate more payment features on Aadhaar Card and there are good chances that you will be able to use Aadhaar Card to make any purchase. Using Aadhaar Card it is possible to authenticate the payments requiring biometric details.

Aadhaar Card also has the details of the mobile number, address and email id in the database and in India, the email address is one thing which changes a lot. A lot of people may also forget the password of the email address and that makes it mandatory for them to get a new email id for themselves. Now, it has also become important to update the new email id on Aadhaar Card as that would ensure security in terms of financial transactions. In this article, we have listed the steps to update your email address on Aadhaar Card.

Pre-requisite for Updating Email Address on Aadhaar Card

An email address should already be registered on Aadhaar Database and in addition to this, it is mandatory for you to have the mobile number with you which can is registered with Aadhaar. Lastly, if you have a working internet connection then you can update your email address at the comfort of your home.

Steps to Update Email ID in Aadhaar Card Online

Update Email in Aadhar Card Online

  • To begin with the process, you should keep the old and the new email address handy with you. In addition to this, you should also have your mobile phone with you.
  • Now you may navigate to Aadhaar Email Update Website. You can directly access the link by clicking here. Once you have navigated to the link, you will get an option to enter old and the new email address.

aadhar email update correction

  • Now, you can proceed by entering your old email address in the first row and in the second row, you can enter your new email address. Double check your email address and click on the submit button.
  • Once you have submitted the details, an OTP will be generated and the OTP will be shared on your registered mobile number. You can validate the OTP and click on submit button to complete the process.

In case you do not remember the old email address, it is advisable to visit the Aadhaar Centre for getting the details updated. You would just have to fill a form and the email address will be updated by the executive.