How to Receive Aadhaar Card Number on Your Mobile Via SMS

There are times when we require certain information and the information is out of bound. For example, for filling up a form, a person might require his Aadhaar Number and he might not be carrying his Aadhaar number. In such a case, there is a way to find the Aadhaar number with help of your mobile number. The process can also be used when a person has not received his Aadhaar Card but the Aadhaar Number has been generated. The steps mentioned below can be followed in order to get the Aadhaar number on your mobile.

Pre-Requisite for getting Aadhaar Number on Mobile – You should be using the mobile number which has been registered during the time of enrolment. Along with this, you would also require your enrolment number to get the Aadhaar Number on your mobile.

Steps to be followed

1. The first step is to open the messaging application on your mobile and then click on compose message button.

2. Once the new message screen opens, Type the message in the format mentioned below

UID <Space> GETUID <Space> 14 Digit Enrolment Number

Example UID GETUID 74587458745874

3. After typing the message, send the text message to 51969.You will receive a message with you Aadhaar number in couple of minutes after sending the message 4

aadhaar card number via sms


In some cases, the users might get a reply stating that the enrolment number entered by them is invalid and that they need to enter a 28 digit enrolment ID. In such a case the enrollment number that needs to be entered is the 14 digit enrolment number along with the time stamp mentioned on the Aadhaar Enrolment Receipt.

For example, the enrolment number is 74587458745874 and the time stamp is 19/03/2016 13:14:59. In such a case, the enrollment number would be 7458745874587419032016131459.