How to Link Voter ID Card With Aadhaar Card

The government of India has decided to make Aadhaar Card mandatory and in near future, Aadhaar Number would function like Social Security number works in the United States of America. It would be possible to fetch all the records of a citizen with help of the Aadhaar Number. It has already become mandatory to have Aadhaar Seeded with the Bank Accounts, PAN Card and even with the Government Departments to avail the benefits. In a recent notification, the government has also decided to link the Aadhaar Card with the Voter ID Card. The government termed this process as EPIC-Aadhaar Seeding. There are going to be many benefits of the procedure and one of the benefits would be that the people would not be able to hold multiple Voter ID Cards and at the same time, it will also ensure that no fake votes are casted.

As per the information available, it is possible to link Aadhaar Card with Voter ID Card through three methods and we have listed all the methods in this article.

How to Link Voter ID card With Aadhaar Card

Linking Aadhaar Card and Voter ID card through SMS

It is simple to link Aadhaar Card with Voter ID card and it is possible to do it with asingle message. All you need to do is that you need to send a message at 166 or 51969. The message should be in the format mentioned below

ECILINK <Voter ID Number><Aadhaar Number>

For example, the message for a fictitious Aadhaar and Voter ID number should look like this

ECILINK XX4454450 111122223333

Linking Aadhaar Card and Voter ID card through Online Method

It is also possible to link the Aadhaar Card with the Voter ID card and to do so, follow the steps mentioned below

  • The first step is to visit the NVPS Portal. You can navigate to the portal by
  • The next step is to find your Voter ID details. You can do so by entering your name, date of birth and constituency or find the details using your voter ID. Click on search button after filling the details.
  • At bottom of the page, you will be able to see your voter ID Details. On the bottom right corner of the page, click on Feed Aadhaar number.
  • You will now be asked to enter your name, Voter ID Number, Aadhaar Number, Mobile Number and email Click on submit button after filling all the details and the request for linking the Aadhaar card with Voter ID Card will be registered with the department.

Linking Aadhaar Card and Voter ID Card via call

Alternatively, it is also possible to link the Aadhaar Card with the Voter ID Card by making a call at 1950. The number is functional between 10:00 and 17:00. Once the executive answers the call, you can tell the executive that you would like to link the Aadhaar Card with the Voter ID Card and then you can share your Aadhaar Number and Voter ID Card Number with the Executive.

In case you have linked the Aadhaar card and Voter ID Card, you can check the status of the request by visiting It is a great step to enhance the transparency in voting and in addition to this, make sure that you like you Aadhaar card with the Voter card before the next elections.