How to link Aadhar Card With Some Other Documents

The government of India has made it compulsory to many of the documents to be linked with Aadhar card number, the primary objective of this scheme is to include benefits of government schemes to reach people. Many of the documents can be linked with the schemes by simple operating process that is very quick and simple that doesn’t consume much of time.

People are free to choose the process of linking of Aadhar Card with different documents with process meant through online mode or offline mode.

Aaadhar Card

List of Documents mandatory to link with Aadhar number

Mentioned list of documents that are needed to link with Aadhar Number:

  • Bank Account
  • LPG Connection
  • PAN Card
  • Ration Card
  • Scholarship account with school or college.
  • Pension Card
  • Voter ID Card

Benefits of linking different documents

Bank Account

In order to receive the benefit of government scheme directly to your bank account, it is necessary for the customers to link their Aadhar Card with the Bank Account. Bank account can be easily linked with the Aadhar number, the process can be done through online and offline mode. To done the process through online mode the simple process can be done by acquiring simple process given in steps.

  • The linking process is easy and available as the portal of each of the internet banking of several banks, all you need is to open your internet banking account firstly.
  • After opening the bank internet ID the next process is to find the link available as Update Aadhar Number or the Aadhar Card Seeding.
  • Enter details about your Aadhar number in the section available.
  • Click on the option available as submit and the process will be completed.

For offline mode of linking you need to visit your bank with Aadhar Card details and submit the information about it with banking officer.

Voter Id Card

In a manner to stop fraud in voter id card or to remove fake voter id card from government’s list the voter ID card is mandatory to be linked with the Aadhar number.

  • Methods available for the linking are available through a different mode, to make the task simpler Indian States has developed their own portals for the linking process. The process can be done by opening the official website, visit the official card linking page.
  • Fill the field available as Name, Husband, Date of Birth, State and District.
  • Click on the option available as “search”.
  • On the left hand side you will see option “Feed Aadhar Number”. Enter the details and the process will be completed.

LPG Connection

The process of linking LPG Connection with the Aadhar Card Number is easy, you can simply do the process with SMS mode or open the Aadhar Seeding website. Before linking your aadhar number to the LPG Connection make sure that you are UID Number is linked with your bank account to get the subsidy rate directly to your bank account.