How to Edit Father’s Name in Aadhaar Card

It has been observed that there are cases when the UIDAI has made errors in the Father’s Name of the Aadhaar Card holders and it can turn out to be a problem. When you receive your Aadhaar, the first thing that you must do is that you must check all the details along with the spellings. If there are any mistakes in any of the details then you must get them updated as soon as possible.

If you recently noticed that there is a mistake in your Father’s Name on Aadhaar Card then you must get the same corrected on a priority basis. In this article, we have mentioned the ways to edit Father’s Name in Aadhaar Card

There are basically two ways to get the father’s name updated on Aadhaar and none of them is via the online channel. It should be noted that Father’s name should only be updated through offline medium and below are both the ways to update Father’s Name in Aadhaar Card

Updating Father’s Name via Post

One of the easiest ways to update father’s name on Aadhaar card is through the post. All you need to do is fill in a correction form and post it to UIDAI office along with the supporting documents. Here is how you can do it.

  • To edit the Father’s Name in Aadhaar Card via post, you can start by filling in the Aadhaar correction form. The form is available on the UIDAI portal and you can navigate to this link to download and print the form.

Link –

  • After filling in the form, you would need to attach a POI and POA proof from the list of documents mentioned on the second page of the form. In addition to this, you would also need to attach a copy of the document where the correct Father’s Name is displayed
  • Once you have attached the documents, you can then proceed to post the form. There are two postal addresses available for UIDAI and you can choose any of the following
    • First Address – UIDAI, Post Box No. 10, Chhindwara, Madhya Pradesh – 480001.
    • Second Address – UIDAI, Post Box No.99, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad –
  • After posting the form, you will receive an acknowledgment after the form has been received by UIDAI and you will receive another acknowledgment once the changes have been made.

Updating Father’s Name viaAadhaar Center

Second way to update the father’s name by visiting the Aadhaar center and here is the process to update the father’s name by visiting the Aadhaar enrolment center

  • To begin the process, you need to know the address of the Aadhaar Enrolment Center and if you click on the link mentioned below then you will be able to get the address and other details for Aadhaar Enrolment Center

Link –

  • Once you visit the center, you can then go ahead and get a correction form from the operator. Fill in the form with the correct details and attach a proof of the correct Father’s Name. submit the form back to the operator.
  • The operator will validate the form and request changes on Aadhaar portal. The changes will be validated with help of your fingerprints and once the form has been submitted, the operator will also give you an acknowledgment
  • The new Aadhaar card will be available for download after 7 to 10 working days and the same can be downloaded from the UIDAI portal.

These were the two ways to edit the father’s name in Aadhaar Card and if in case you need any help, you can contact the Aadhaar helpline at 1947.