How to Check Aadhaar Card Complaint Status by Case ID Online

Aadhaar card has made our life easy in many terms. It works as a universal identity proof, it helps us in getting the benefits like LPG subsidy from the government, and it also helps in verification of records and many other things. It is quite easy to apply for an Aadhaar card and because of lack of bureaucracy, it can easily be obtained without having to grease someone’s palm. Another advantage of Aadhaar is that all the records are available online hence the Aadhaar Card can be printed again even if we have lost the card. And all this can be done in comfort of our home.

The government is trying to make all the systems error free but somehow, errors are a part of daily life and in most of the operational processes are Kaizen i.e. the process are continuously under improvement. Therefore we do come across some mistakes like a mistake in the data printed on the card or the card being stuck in the system. In such cases, you might require raising a complaint. If you have already raised a complaint and you want to check the status of the complaint then do not worry, you would not have to go through anhour long phone calls to check the status, you can do this easily with help of internet. Here is how you can check the Status of the Complaint in Regards to Aadhaar Card.

a) The first step would be to navigate to the UIDAI website. The link of the website is

b) Once the home page is loaded, in the top menu bar, you will see a tab for Grievance Centre. Click on it and you will be redirected to the Grievance Centre of the website. On the page, there would be different contact mediums displayed. Now on the left hand side of the page, click on Complaint Status.

The direct link to the complaint status page is

Aadhar Complaint Status Case ID

c) Once you are redirected to the complaint status page, you would require entering the Case ID along with the security code displayed in the image. After entering all the details, click on Check Status. The status of the complaint would be displayed.

d) If in case you are not happy with the progress of if you are willing to escalate the issue, you can simply go ahead and call the toll free number at 1947 or alternatively you can also email the UIDAI at [email protected] The typical response time of the email is 48 hours and at thephone, you would be able to get instant updates.

It is easy to check the status of the complaint at Aadhaar’s website. It is just a two minute process. Even though you can always call them to find the aadhar status but to check the status online is easy and less time consuming.

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