How to Change Aadhaar Card Photo Online-Offline

There are a lot of people who are not satisfied with their image on Aadhaar Card and that is mainly because of an unclear or blur image or picture. Many of you would have also tried searching the steps to change the pic on your Aadhaar card and insert a good look pic. For some people, it is difficult to use Aadhaar as ID proof because their photo on Aadhaar is not clear and in such a case they have to use a secondary ID proof. This can be really inconvenient and the only way they have is to change their photo. A few months ago this issue was highlighted by the government and government permitted the change of photograph on Aadhaar Card.

The article is all about changing the Photograph on Aadhaar Card so give it a read.

aadhaar cardCan I change my Photo on Aadhaar Card?

The answer to this question is yes. That is right, you can go ahead and change your photo on Aadhaar card but the problem is that you can’t change the photo through online medium. There is no provision for the same and as per one of the government source, there would be no provision created for changing the photo online as the feature could be misused or exploited by the people. So in short, you would have to visit the enrollment center or you would have to write to the UIDAI to get the photo updated on your Aadhaar Card

How Do I go about it?

There are basically two ways to change your photo on Aadhaar Card and both of them are offline ways. There is no provision of changing the Photo on Aadhaar Card through online medium.

The first way is to download the Aadhaar Update form, fill it and send it to the UIDAI to get the photo updated and get the card reissued.

The second way is to visit the nearest Aadhaar Enrolment Centre and get the photo updated on your Aadhaar card. In both the ways you will get your Aadhaar card me about 2 week time and in addition to this, there is a charge of Rs 15 for the change of Photo and reissue of the card. Also, the Aadhaar Card doesn’t have the photo of the child who is below 5 years. The photo of a child is updated when he turns 15 and 18.

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