How to Update Your Mobile Phone Number in Aadhaar Card through Online Medium in 2018

Indian telecom industry is going through a new phase with thin trance of providers like Jio and there is a high probability that many of the people would get a new phone connection. Even if daily life, there are several people who change their mobile number for a various reason and since Aadhaar is linked with a mobile number, it becomes mandatory to change the mobile number on Aadhaar card database as well. Most of the people do not update their number because they feel that they might have to visit the government office to do the same but the fact is that the mobile number on Aadhaar card can be updated while sitting at home. It is a simple process and if you want to update your mobile number on Aadhaar database, follow the steps mentioned below.

Pre-Requisite of updating Mobile Number on Aadhaar Card

To update your mobile number on Aadhaar Card you just need your Aadhaar number and the access to your registered telephone number.

Steps to Update Mobile Number in Aadhaar Card

– The first step is to open the UIDAI website and you can simply open the website by going to This web address will redirect you to the Aadhaar’s website.

– Once the website gets displayed, you would require to visit the Update Portal and you can do that by Clicking on Enrolment and Update from the top menu bar and then clicking on Aadhaar Data Update.

– This will redirect you to the Aadhaar Data updating portal. From here click on Update Aadhaar Details online and on the new webpage, you can click on the below button corresponding to update online request.

– Now, you must be on Self Service Update Portal. On this page, enter your Aadhaar number along with the captcha security code and click on Send OTP. On clicking on the Send OTP button, you will receive an OTP on your registered mobile. Enter the OTP in the designated box and click on submit button in order to proceed with the data update.

Aaadhaar Phone Update

– On the next page, Check on Mobile Number and click on Continue. Now you can enter your new mobile number and click on Submit Update Request. Verify the mobile number you have entered before submitting the request.

– After the submission, an URN number will be generated and it is advisable to note down the number for future reference. The mobile number will be updated in about 2 working days.

Please Note

You would not require any document for updating the mobile number on Aadhaar database but in case your mobile number is not registered or if you do not have the access to the old mobile number, you would require to visit the Aadhaar enrollment center to get the request updated. Please ensure that you do not pay any money for getting the number updated as the service is free of cost.

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